Second Breakfast Bakes

Second Breakfast Bakes offers chic bakery flavors and fare for local pickup right next door in Sauk Rapids.

Find out how good it tastes

Building and engaging community is tough. Breaking bread together can be a catalyst.

Creating in the context of a cottage micro-bakery is not for the faint of heart. Early mornings. Lots of little hands. Ups and downs of baking each week. Balancing quality with cost.

Second Breakfast Bakes strives to overcome these challenges for the sake of the community it is building through this micro-bakery. It’s so easy to join in. Each week a curated menu is posted to the ordering platform for pre-order. Once the products have been ordered and the ordering window has closed, your baked goods will be baked the following days until you come to pick them up on pickup day!

Some things you might find during pickup could be a joke of the day, a free sample of something we’re looking to try with customers. Perhaps a free loaf to give to someone who needs it? We look forward to seeing you, smiling and offering you something delicious to take with you.

Getting quality baked goods should be easy

Take a look at how easy it is to get started and what has kept people connected with this beautiful community